The Marsden Online Archive contains Marsden’s letters and journals, as well as other early NZ missionaries. More information to provide context and background to this collection can be found in the Archive’s ‘About’ pages. Including:

  • Information on Reverend Samuel Marsden and a timeline of the key events of his life.
  • An introduction to Retired Associate Professor Gordon Parsonson whose transcripts are available on the Marsden Online Archive. This includes a bibliography of his work as well as a short video of Gordon discussing his interest in the Marsden Collection.
  • Some information on the Church Missionary Society to give context to the organisation that supported the mission.
  • Information about the Māori Language at the time as well as the limitations and constraints the missionaries faced.
  • Some context on the Bay of Islands area during the time Marsden visited.
  • A Cast of Characters which provides some background information on the other people who are included in the Marsden Online Archive.